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Wagner Cup Gun Set

Cup Gun Set

With the addition of compressed air and power supply, this powder coating set is immediately ready for use. As suitable solution for small parts and mobile use, the set leads to excellent coating results. Cost-effective system supplement for the efficient processing of small and very small batches: In the case of automatic systems, small batches or individual workpieces often have to be coated in different colors at the end of a shift.

The common practice is to do this in a spray-to-waste operation using the existing components including powder center, guns and powder hoses in order to keep cleaning and time expenditure due to color change as low as possible. With the PEM-X1 cup gun you can coat such small and smallest batches without the use of cleaning and time-consuming system components. All you need is the extraction capacity of the booth, which continues to operate in a spray-to-waste mode.

The cup gun can be extended with a 1 liter powder cup, which is equipped with a special valve to ensure proper powder flow. This allows you to coat individual workpieces as well as smaller batches without the need to refill powder. The remaining powder can be quickly and safely stored in the extension cups for later use. A color change of the cup gun is still possible within only 20 seconds.

Technical Information

Weight: 10 kg

Air Inlet Pressure Range6 bar – 8 bar

Voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
Protection ClassIP 64
Input Voltage250 V
Max. Power Output: 200 g/min
Operating Temperature5 °C – 45 °C

Products from Wagner have maximum reliability and quality for your specific requirements. Download the Powder Coating Manual below.

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